Mandurah Wildflower Group Inc. was a non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation and cultivation of wildflowers and native plants. We celebrated our 34th anniversary in 2009. Our activities included bush walks, propagating mornings, meetings with interesting and informative speakers, plant stalls, shows and wildflower displays and bus trips to places of wildflower interest.

Unfortunately the costs of running an organisation such as this became too onerous. The main expense was Public Liability Insurance which was over four hundred and fifty dollars ($452.49) per year. This meant that our fund-raising activites were directed at paying fees to an insurance company in another state. We felt that this was something we did not want to do. It is one thing to raise money to support the club, to buy materials such as pots and potting mix, to hold cutting and seed-planting mornings to propagate plants to sell. It is quite another to raise money to pay outside interests.

We managed for years without the necessity of purchasing Public Liability Insurance as it was covered by the owners of the building. However, it recently became impossible for us to rent our meeting room at the Mandurah Senior Citizens Centre (now Ac-cent Mandurah) without taking out separate PLI. Shopping centres where in years gone by we held wildflower displays in Spring, management covered Public Liability, but now inisist on us having our own Public Liability Insurance if we want to have a wildflower display.

So it is with great regret that we must announce the formal winding up of Mandurah Wildflower Group Inc. as an incorporated body. The name Mandurah Wildflower Group, however, will not disappear as the website will continue as an informational source within the Bouvard Bush website..

Mandurah Wildflower Group 2009

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